Allison G “ AUXO Fitness is an amazing place not only to work out but it’s also a great place to meet new people. As someone who hated going to a gym, AUXO Fitness is a breath of fresh air: the entire staff makes an effort to learn your name and make you feel welcome each time you come to class; the workouts are dynamic, challenging, and no two are ever identical; the studio is always bright and clean; and the feeling of family extends far beyond the barre! Whether you did a similar workout in your home town or you’re looking for a new experience, be sure to come out and meet Brinn, her staff, and all of us “barre babes” at AUXO Fitness! The first week is free for all new clients, so what do you have to lose? ”

– Allison G.

Brenda S “ I came to AUXO Fitness because I struggle with chronic pain and need core strengthening. I was so impressed with the sense of community I found there--women of all ages and shapes coming together to not only work their bodies, but love them at the same time. There's a strong mind-body element in the programs here that I want and is so lacking at a gym. I also found a strong integrity among all the persons working there--friendly & helpful, but more than that, they are honestly interested in me. I have instructors offering to help me w/modifications where my body can't do a move, I'm "allowed" to move a bit more slowly w/o any judgment or criticism if my body needs that.
In addition to the physical aspects, AUXO Fitness Gainesville offers fun non-exercise events and has events for charitable causes --it's not just a business; it's a true Community. (Plus the store has great athleisure wear!!!) ”

– Brenda S.

Denise D “ I am an avid crossfit gal and Brinn made my body work in ways like it had never before. I highly recommend AUXO Fitness to everyone. It will get you in shape and challenge your core in ways you could not imagine. As hard as it was it was also a ton of fun! ”

– Denise D.

Kristy B “ My happy place! I honestly cannot say enough good things about AUXO Fitness, Brinn and the rest of her team. I started going to the studio back in January to try and tone up and lose the remainder of my "baby weight." After one class, I knew I was hooked! Which is crazy for me, because I've never found a workout before that I actually enjoyed! I've always dreaded going to the gym. I was intimidated going into my first class, because I had no previous experience AND I was out of shape, but I realized quickly how helpful and motivating the instructors were! I canceled my gym membership in week two and signed up for the Unlimited first month at AUXO Fitness. I started off by going about twice a week, but now I try for 4-5 (if I can ever find the extra time, I'd love to be in there every single day!). I can now say I'm back to my pre-baby weight and definitely way more toned than I ever was before! It's much more than a workout for me.. I love the atmosphere, the music, the enthusiasm, the challenges, the events and THE CLOTHES!! :) Not to mention how I feel after class... I feel so energized and happy! It's really incredible what this workout can do for you. Go try a week for free (yes, the first week is really free which is also pretty awesome)... you have nothing to lose! ”

– Kristy B.

Maddie W “ Love love LOVE AUXO Fitness!! I am someone who does not enjoy exercising... until now!!! Barre is a fun, challenging (but do-able) fitness routine. The staff and teachers are so helpful and friendly. I never feel judged (which is rare in a fitness environment). There are people of all ages, colors, ability levels and sizes. You can modify the movements to suit your ability level, and the teachers offer modifications as well (EX: if you have a bad back, knees, etc.) The app makes it very easy to register for classes. Classes are offered beginning at 5:30am until the late evening (around 7:30/8pm), so there are plenty of options to suit your schedule! This is truly a family-like community committed to getting stronger together, building relationships, and holding each other accountable. I LOVE AUXO FITNESS!!!! ”

– Maddie W.

Ionna W “ I love the low impact yet very effective workout I get at AUXO Fitness. The instructors are friendly and knowledgable and the people are so welcoming. I started going as a way to stay active during my pregnancy and it has really paid off. It has helped me keep my energy levels up ( at almost 37 weeks) and I feel great! I feel like I haven’t gained a tremendous amount of excess weight during my pregnancy because of Barre. The workouts are challenging but doable, I am so happy I found AUXO Fitness. I would recommend AUXO Fitness to anyone. its truly amazing and the routines change so much you never get bored. ”

– Ionna W.

“I do not think I can adequately express how wonderful every element of AUXO Fitness is in one review. After my free week in June I have attended 80 classes, regularly attending 3-4 times per week. I have taken classes with many of the barre-tenders (instructors) and have had nothing but wonderful experiences with each of their unique styles of teaching. The workouts are fantastic (arms, booty, legs, core) and you are able to modify your workout depending on your level without feeling judged or pressured. I leave every class feeling refreshed and motivated to continue this active lifestyle! Brinn and her fabulous team have created such a wonderful atmosphere at AUXO Fitness and have provided me, and many friends, with an amazing place to spend several hours a week. You could not ask for anything better than AUXO Fitness, truly a fabulous community!”

– Emily C.

AUXO Fitness is amazing! I have gotten stronger and see significant results from class. It is a fantastic full body strength and sculpting workout and I love the format and exercises in class. But it is the impeccable customer service and kindness that make all the difference. The incredible “barretenders” at AUXO Fitness have set aside items for me that I message them about, saved things I’ve accidentally left in Lost and Found, remember names, ask about friends and family, and are so thoughtful and supportive. Brinn has cultivated a wealth of friendship and fun, and made a lasting difference in the Gainesville community. <3!

– Tammy H.

Two girlfriends of mine and myself decided to try AUXO Fitnesss’s FREE week trial in December; we were so hooked at the end of our week we signed up for an unlimited next month! I highly, highly recommend AUXO Fitness to any ladies trying to get into shape. No need to be worried if you can’t do a particular move because they always provide different level options so that everyone can work at their own pace. And they are HAPPY when people feel comfortable enough to try the option that work for them best! The instructors are all highly knowledgable, friendly, and really take the time to get to know you by name. Even the regulars make you feel immediately comfortable and included. This place will quickly become to feel like a second home and you will ALWAYS leave feeling happy and healthy!

– Chloe G.

Finding an exercise routine has never been easy for me. I’ve never really been able to stay committed or motivated at something for more than two weeks generally. Whenever I would force myself to workout, I never truly felt fufilled afterwards. That all changed when my friend introduced me to AUXO Fitness. The first day I went, I was out of breath and sore in places I didn’t even know existed but there was something about it and I decided I HAD to go back for more! I find myself motivated and pushing myself to attend class at least 6x a week and I have noticed huge results. I used to shop for certain types of clothes so that I could hide areas that I was unhappy with (like my arms) but now I buy clothes that show them off instead since I am becoming more toned! Brinn and the rest of the team are absolutely fantastic and incredibly encouraging. The atmosphere is so welcoming and events like Bring a Boy to Barre are refreshing. Barre is now part of my everyday life and I could not imagine it any other way!

– Jennifer H.

AUXO Fitness is amazing! It offers you a great workout at any fitness. All of the instructors do a great job with providing both motivation and modification. It’s truly become an addiction! A huge thank you to Brinn and staff for making me realize I can always do 8 more !

– Amy Q.

I cannot express fully how awesome AUXO Fitness is! The workouts are challenging but also very sustainable. This is the first time that I’ve worked out and looked forward to showing up! The staff are incredibly welcoming and nice. The owner, Brinn, is so personable and a great teacher. Definitely give AUXO Fitness a try!

– Kristina C.