Electric Environment

Our barre studios pulse with warmth. From a clean and elegant atmosphere to our deeply committed instructors, it is our mission to ensure that new and seasoned clients feel like they belong, both in and outside of class. While we strive to create a comfortable environment, our workouts are designed to take you outside of your comfort zone and transform your body. You’ll get a serious workout without being overly serious.

Effective Workouts

Experience feminine strength with our imaginative, kick-ass ballet and dance-inspired group fitness classes. Our barre workouts quickly trim, tighten, and tone the body by deeply engaging often overlooked accessory muscles through tiny, repetitious movements. Deep stretching follows each series of exercise to give your body the elegant, long, lean appearance women crave. We constantly vary routines in our diverse class offerings, so you’ll never perform the same workout twice.

Empowered Life

The benefits of barre go beyond sculpting a rockin’ bod. What you accomplish in our barre studios will give you inner strength and bold outer confidence to tackle everything else important in your life. From family, to friendships, to work — balancing it all can be a challenge. Our challenging workouts and encouraging instructors will help you discover and flaunt your hidden strengths – enabling you to live a healthy, happy, empowered life.