Using light weights for long repetitions creates long, lean muscles rather than bulk. After we work a muscle to fatigue, we immediately stretch it out—which further encourages lengthening in our muscles. Our motivating music and fantastic and fun instructors make the hour fly by. The best way to find out what makes us special is to come give us a try. With all new clients receiving their first week FREE, there is nothing to lose!

No! Often clients ask if they can attend classes if they do not feel like they are in shape or flexible. Let these reasons be part of your motivation to come to class, not your reason for not coming. If you commit to your workouts, strength and flexibility will come. And, of course, we will give you options along the way to make sure you feel successful in class!

If you have any major concerns, it is best to consult a doctor or physical therapist before starting a new exercise program; that being said, we have several clients with knee, shoulder, wrist, back, and hip injuries, and we are able to offer modifications to ensure they feel successful in class. Please share any injuries or limitations (including pregnancy) with your instructor before starting class so that they can go over options.

Nope. Our classes are more fitness than dance-based. While many of the moves in Barre take inspiration from ballet, they will each be explained and demonstrated so that they are understandable for all fitness backgrounds. You will also see moves from Pilates and yoga incorporated into class.

The most important things to bring are a positive attitude and willingness to try something new. You will likely also want some water and a towel, and, of course, your sticky socks (these last three can also be purchased at the studio if needed)! Dress comfortably in something you can easily move in. We will be squatting and lunging, so we recommend capris/leggings rather than shorts. Tighter fitting clothing helps you and your instructor to see and correct your form more easily, but as long as you are comfortable, you are good to go!

Oftentimes clients see results within a week of starting classes—they start to feel stronger as their muscles grow longer. They tell us they are feeling muscles they never even knew they had! That being said, healthy eating is also a contributing factor in how fast our bodies become long and lean.

We encourage our participants to attend class 3-5 times a week to experience the best results. Because our classes are no impact, the movements are safe to perform repeatedly. However, some of our clients use our classes to supplement their running, etc., and only make it in 1-3 times a week, which is fine, too! Another great option is to attend 3-4 Barre classes alongside 1-2 BodyFlow to get additional core work and stretching throughout the week. No matter your schedule, we’ve got a membership option for YOU.

Overall, our signature Barre classes will follow the same basic structure with the instructors offering modifications and progressions to fit every fitness level. We pride ourselves in making our classes accessible to a variety of ages and stages of fitness, and the ballet barre is always there for you if you need extra balance support! Be sure to let your instructor know if you need additional options.

BodyFlow is more Yoga-based than Barre and focuses more on creating a mind/body connection. Les Mills® BodyFlow is a blend of tai-chi, yoga, and Pilates that helps you to lengthen as you strengthen. The movements move slightly more quickly than a traditional yoga class, but there are a variety of options to meet every fitness level. And the music is amazing!

In addition to Barre, we also offer BodyFlow, Yoga, Pilates, and Barre-bata. Not sure what all of that means? Just give it a try!