Sweating, then Sipping at Barre2Bar

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The ladies at Barre Forte gather for a workout, camaraderie and hard earned drinks during the studio’s monthly Barre2 Bar event.


Where you’ll find bartenders, you’ll find barbacks. And where you’ll find BarreTenders, you’ll find BarreBacks.

Over on the northwest side of town, you can find us closing out a satisfyingly sweaty workout with a well-earned drink during our monthly Barre2Bar event. At Barre Forte, we love to reward our instructors, employees and clients with beers or mojitos after a tough, hour-long total body toning workout.

The hours we collectively spend working for results end up becoming time with our new found Barre family; Barre Forte is a community.

Last Friday, our amazing Barre Babes gathered at Las Margaritas to celebrate during our July Barre2Bar. Lauren Gartenberg, a BodyFlow instructor, hung out with her margarita in hand while chatting with some of the guys who typically come to support their ladies.

“All the boyfriends and fiancés chose the easiest part of the bar today,” she laughs. “Sometimes they’ll join in on a class with us.”

Erica McCray, a client of six months and one of the studio’s newest instructors, also enjoyed the after-class hangout. She says that the barre classes she takes at Barre Forte are the most effective workout she has encountered, as the classes have increased her flexibility, strength and overall fitness, while still fitting into her budget. It wasn’t long before she decided to take the plunge into becoming a bigger part of the team.

“I said ‘Hey, Brinn, what does it take to be an instructor? I’m just curious,’” Erica said to Brinn Strange, Barre Forte’s owner, only a few months after being an avid student. “And then Brinn planted the seed.”

Since recently becoming an instructor,  Erica is ready to hone her teaching skills and bring them to the studio she comes home to. The special education professor pushes the message that Barre workouts are a safe space for students to learn and improve.

“We have to pay attention to know when to nudge clients to go a little harder or remind them that it's hard, but we're in it together, and to take breaks if they need them,” Erica says. “This puts together my love of teaching, music, and a great workout; it’s a sweet spot for me.”

Erica’s experience with her Barre workouts have become indefinitely rewarding, which she attributes to the motivation and companionship the space brings.

“The community that Brinn has created makes Barre Forte Gainesville special,” Erica expresses. “No matter where you start fitness-wise…the change happens almost immediately. We meet our best and get stronger together.”

Sasha Christopher, another one of Barre’s newest instructors, picked up Barre Forte’s classes to help her begin healing from a knee injury. Since trying her first class, Sasha has felt right at home during her workouts and aims to provide an equally welcoming  and comfortable environment to her future students. 

“I am a thick girl, but these classes are for all shapes and sizes, and I think that’s so welcoming,” Sasha said. “I wanted to build my booty and trim these legs!”

In addition to motivating more people about their self-image, Sasha knows becoming an instructor will help more clients of different backgrounds enjoy her classes. “I think it’s important for other women to see an instructor like me,” she said.

Come check out the vibrant community at our next Barre2Bar and try the multitude of classes offered at the studio. From Barre and BodyFlow to Pilates, Restorative Rolling and Vinyasa Yoga, there is a class for everyone!