Strong, Healthy, Injury Free: Local elite runner shares her Barre Forte experience

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The thought of not doing barre is a scary thought and then the thought of not doing barre at Barre Forte is truly terrifying. Barre has kept me strong and healthy through a pregnancy as well as injury free and toned during my running season. I achieved all of this while enjoying the wonderful atmosphere that only owner Brinn Strange can foster. I love that every time I work out there I am greeted by other smiling faces who are all there to celebrate each other, workout together, and congratulate each other on just being amazing women.

Georganne 02I first joined Barre Forte after a good girlfriend of mine recommend I give it a try. After having done barre classes already and being an all-around pretty fit woman, I decided to give it a go. I was very newly pregnant with my second child and like all expecting moms wanting to stay fit for as long as possible, I wanted a great workout without overdoing it. Georganne 03Wow….jackpot! Could I have overdone it and gotten my butt kicked every day if I wanted to? Absolutely. However, I was always provided with modifications or adjustments to adapt to my ever growing belly. 8 months later, I literally had my baby shower at Barre Forte…you think I’m kidding.



My last class before giving birth was quite an event as it was Bring a Boy to Barre night, which my husband accompanied me to. I was finally able to show off all the work I had been doing these past couple of months and also watch him get sore in the process. This was on a Friday night…Monday morning we welcomed our daughter Kennedy (8lb. 15oz) into the world.

After our daughter was born, and I was planning out how I wanted to start up my fitness plan, I was able to incorporate barre and running into my fitness routine. By going to barre twice a week, I was able to tone, tighten, and strengthen muscles that running alone doesn’t work completely. Yes, running keeps my weight down however as a 32 year old mother of two I also wanted to focus on tightening up as well. However, for me as a runner who can sometimes run up to 65 miles/week, I need to go to Barre to keep me strong. This permits my body to handle these hard mileage weeks. Barre has played so much of a part of my injury prevention. Because my body is strong I can train harder on my running goals. As a 32 year old working Mom of 2, I have set personal best times in the 5k (17:32), 10k (38:17), and half marathon (1:25.40) this year!

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For me barre has to fit into my lifestyle and Barre Forte simply offers that. I need a workout that’s going to challenge me and provide me the physical evidence that real change and progress is happening. I need to be offered a wide array of classes and class times to fit around not only my schedule, my work schedule, kids schedule, etc. you know the drill. Lastly, and most importantly I want to enjoy working out. I love going there and having the support of not only the instructors but the entire atmosphere of the studio. Every woman there genuinely wants everyone else there to reach their fitness goals.

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