September Barre Star: Susan

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Susan has taken over 150 classes since starting with us in January of this year! She dove right in, crushing our challenges and taking advantage of our bonus offerings, such as Barre Basics workshops, BodyFlow launches, Kickboxing, and more! Her always positive attitude and commitment to her health and wellness is contagious, and we are excited for you to learn more about her!

Q: Where are you from, and how long have you been in Gainesville?

A: I've lived in Gainesville for 3 years, but was no stranger to Gainesville as our daughter Sarah and my sister-in-law Joan are both UF grads. My husband, George is an Auburn grad; we love Southeastern Conference football! I grew up in Long Island, New York, but have lived in the southeastern U. S. since 1976. 

Q: What's your favorite Barre/AUXO-themed shirt?

A: My pink Love AUXO tank is my favorite; although I also love the grey AUXO off the shoulder sweatshirt as its the perfect after Barre cover up for errands and really comfy.

Q: Tell us something fun about yourself/what you do when you're not at AUXO?

A: I'm a road warrior in two different ways. I have run several 5 K races and one Disney 1/2 marathon. I travel throughout the southeast and southwest U S for work.  I was in Louisiana this spring for crawfish season, which was awesome!

Q: Was your first Barre class what you expected? Why or why not?

A: Yes, because I took barre classes for 3 years before I moved to Gainesville.

Q: Why did you decide to continue with AUXO Fitness after your free week by investing in an unlimited membership? And what has kept you coming for so many years?

A: I needed to focus on work life balance.  As a healthcare professional, I know that investing in your own health and fitness is so important. 

Q: What makes this workout different from other exercises you have experienced?

A: Barre is high energy, always challenging, effective, and fun! 

Q: What is your favorite Barre move? Why?

A: Plank is my favorite Barre move because as I get stronger, my planks continue to improve.

Q: What results have you noticed after taking classes at AUXO consistently?

A: My fitness level has improved and I've lost weight  and gained endurance.

Q: Have you experienced any benefits from Barre that have affected you not just physically, but mentally,  too?

A: AUXO Fitness is my happy place! I'm happier and healthier because I'm consistently taking classes at AUXO Fitness.

Q: What keeps you motivated to continue coming to Barre?

A: The effectiveness of Barre classes as a workout strategy and the AUXO Fitness community. 

Q; Which of AUXO's Core Values most resonates with you and why? 

A: There are two core values, empowerment and personal transformation, that resonate with me. 

Q: Is there anything you would like to share with potential new clients about your experience at AUXO Fitness? Any helpful tips for those who are considering trying Barre, but are nervous?

A: AUXO Fitness is a warm and welcoming environment. If you have never taken a Barre class before, you will have a phenomenal experience at AUXO Fitness. The staff, instructors and other clients are like a second family to me. My best advice is just go it! I remember several months ago when I took my first Barre-Bata class at AUXO Fitness. I was nervous, but the instructor and other clients were so supportive, and that mad all the difference.

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