October Barre Star – Kreshelle!

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Meet our October Barre Star, Kreshelle! Kreshelle has been taking Barre classes consistently since May, despite a busy work schedule and full time mom duties! She is also an amazing recruiter for AUXO Fitness, and we love that she entrusts us with her friends and family. With over 50 classes under her belt, we couldn't be more excited to announce that Kreshelle has been unanimously selected as our October Barre Star! Way to go!

We are continuously impressed with her hard work, dedication, and consistency, and we are so excited to see her continue to thrive at AUXO Fitness! Read Kreshelle's Q&A below to learn more about her.

Q: Where are you from, and how long have you been in Gainesville?
A: I’m from Gainesville and I’ve lived here all my life!

Q: What's your favorite Barre-themed shirt?
A: They’re all awesome but I have to say, “barre keeps the cray at bay.” I relate to it so much!

Q: Tell us something fun about yourself/what you do when you're not at AUXO?
A: I’m a homeschooling mom who is also a slave to my kids’ sports event schedules. I’ve got no time for much else. 

Q: Was your first Barre class what you expected? Why or why not?
A: My first barre class exceeded my expectations! I approached it like a nerd, I researched it! I heard so much great stuff about how good it was. But it’s been better than I thought it would be. I think I was most pleasantly surprised by the incredibly welcoming environment. 

Q: Why did you decide to continue with AUXO Fitness after your free week by investing in an unlimited membership? 
A: I fell in love with the exercise and the culture/vibe. It made me feel like I had something to be a part of or belong to. 

Q: What makes this workout different from other exercises you have experienced?
A: This workout is different from other exercises because it’s low impact, but super challenging. I think what makes it different is the mental challenge. The exercise doesn’t get “harder”, YOU have to push yourself to find your “edge”. 

Q: What is your favorite Barre move? 
A: Bridges! Why? Because I want to look like J-Lo!

Q: What results have you noticed after doing Barre/BodyFlow/yoga consistently?
A: Soooo many! Decreased anxiety, strengthening, flexibility, improved posture, confidence, and mental stamina. 

Q: Have you experienced any benefits from Barre that have affected you not just physically, but mentally, too?
A: The mental game [of barre] I engage in, to push myself, is translating into other areas of my life as well. 

Q: What keeps you motivated to continue coming to Barre?
A: I keep coming to barre because of the way I feel, the friendly faces, the encouraging environment, and the FUN. 

Q: Is there anything you would like to share with potential new clients about your experience at AUXO Fitness? Any helpful tips for those who are considering trying Barre, but are nervous?
A: I think the best part [of Barre] is that you’re surrounded by real people of all ages, sizes, and fitness levels who just want to challenge themselves and be the best they can be. I don’t worry about “failing”. I know that everyone here is just trying to do the same thing I am; up their game. And, when I came, I was VERY out of shape. I was able to feel ok about that and celebrate my growth.

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