March Barre Star: Lisa Crisalli!

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 Meet our March Barre Star, Lisa! She has been taking Barre (and some of our other formats!) consistently since October 2017 and  totally CRUSHED our 50-in-60 challenge! With close to 200 classes under her belt, we couldn't be more excited to announce that Lisa has been voted as our March Barre Star! Way to go!
We are amazed with her dedication, positive attitude, and consistency, even after a hard day's work at her day job helping others. We are so excited to see Lisa continue to thrive at AUXO Fitness! read more about Lisa in our Barre Star Q&A below!
Q: Where are you from and how long have you been in Gainesville?
A: I was born in Queens, New York and raised in Long Island, New York and Dunedin, Florida.  I moved to Gainesville, Florida in 1994.
Q: What’s your favorite themed shirt?
A: “Barre Crawl” Every time I wear my “Barre Crawl” shirt, I get so many interesting, funny comments.
Q: Tell us something fun about yourself/what you do when you’re not at Auxo.
A: I love to garden. I have a large collection of orchids and Jade plants. Every winter it drives me crazy to bring the plants inside during  freeze, but I still do!  I also love to water ski, snow ski and paddle board!
Q: Was your first Barre class what you expected? Why or why not?
A: I expected to struggle in my first Barre class, and I did! I immediately enjoyed the challenge to get strong, the encouraging instructor’s words and the motivational women around me! My goal was to continue to get stronger with each class and improve my form! 
Q: Why did you decide to continue with AUXO fitness after your free week by investing in an unlimited membership?
A: I was physically and mentally feeling stronger after each class, which motivated me to continue attending.  I strive to attend 4-5 classes a week and adjust my work schedule to accommodate this schedule. Having an unlimited membership makes a lot of sense, it allows me to attend as many classes as I can per month.
Q: What makes this workout different from other exercises you have experienced?
A: The Barre classes have improved my posture, pelvic floor strength and corrected my anterior pelvic tilt that I developed from sitting on backless rolling stools for many years in my work profession.
Q: What is your favorite Barre move and why?
A: The Barre move that makes me feel empowered is the floor pretzel.  This move was quite challenging in the beginning, but I love it!  You get such a strong gluteus maximus and minimus with this Barre move!
Q: What results have you noticed after doing Barre/Body Flow/Pilates/Yoga consistently?
A: I have had to sit on backless, rolling stools for many years in a rehab gym as an occupation therapist.  I started to develop an anterior pelvic tilt and lumbar lordosis in order to maintain good posture on a rolling stool.  Barre class has helped me improve my pelvic muscles and correct my anterior pelvic tilt.
Q: Have you experienced any benefits from Barre that have affected you not just physically, but mentally too?
A: I love the social interaction at AUXO Fitness.  There are so many amazing women with positive energy that enlighten me mentally that I look forward to seeing weekly.
Q: What keeps you motivated to continue coming to Barre?
A:Barre makes me feel good on the inside and on the outside.
Q: Which of AUXO core values most resonates with you and why? Is there one that has most empowered you to grow this year?
A: Personal transformation physically and mentally.  I have experienced both.
Q: Is there anything you would like to share with potential new clients about your experience at AUXO Fitness? Any helpful tips for those who are considering trying Barre, but are nervous?
A: Every time you attend class, it continues to strengthen and empower you for an amazing you……keep coming to see how strong you can become and for great friendships you can develop.

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