Bring a Boy to Barre

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Bring a Boy to Barre

Jackie Kenyon


Barre is truly a challenging workout. We know this to be true: repeating small movements to reach the burnout, pulsing your body one inch lower or higher, holding the pretzel pose ‘til your buns are on fire… We love to ‘Barre so hard.’ But do the boys in your life know what it’s like?


Bring a Boy to Barre is an incredibly fun barre-social event at which BarreBabes may bring their men to feel the burn. Whether it be your boyfriend, brother, husband, bestie, or father, they come as boys and leave as men. We’ve found it sometimes takes a little coaxing to get them to agree, so make sure they know we reward their hard work with beer and actual pretzels after class. We always feature great Florida breweries, and cater in homestyle pretzel bites with mustard and other dipping sauces from local LEJ Pretzels.




Comically, at the first Bring a Boy to Barre event I attended, I did not bring a boy: I borrowed one. On this occasion, studio owners Brinn and Greg Strange brought their baby boy to the studio. I had a great time. That’s truly half the fun: socializing, working up a sweat, and enjoying the different energy all those boys bring to the studio. So, know that any boy can come. He doesn’t have to be a romantic interest.


If you do bring your significant other, Bring a Boy to Barre events provide a great date night option for couples committed to fitness. The events give the pair an opportunity to bolster each other up and help each other reach their year’s fitness goals. (Let’s make 2018 the strongest yet!) The events also enable all attendees to make new friends in a fun approachable atmosphere. (Do I hear double-date plans being made?!)



Bring a Boy to Barre events are very special because BarreBabes can introduce their Barre Tribe to the boys they care about while also showing off their gained strength and flexibility. I love sharing barre with the people in my life; they are always surprised by how effective the tiny movements are, and I consistently hear positive feedback about the studio environment. My boyfriend, Erik, was truly surprised by how sore his muscles were the day after class. An avid mountain biker, he certainly isn’t out of shape. What he enjoyed most, however, was the positive and encouraging language used throughout class. He said, “At Barre, they are so enthusiastic and positive while they challenge you and push you hard. Most gym workouts aren’t like that. You get pushed, but it isn’t as positive.” He also laughed at the fun sayings our Barre Tenders use: especially, “working on those VIPs” (Very Impressive Peaches).

Each Bring a Boy to Barre event is a little different. During Halloween,  participants are encouraged to wear costumes, and we change the name ever so slightly to become Bring a Boo to Barre. We’ve also had a few black light nights for some glow in the dark fun. We are always open to suggestions for themes and events, so comment below with your ideas, and BRING YOUR BOY TO BARRE!