The Power of Pilates: Better Results with Less Impact

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sylviaWhether you want to lose weight, build muscle, tone up or just improve your overall health, Pilates is a great alternative to high-impact, strenuous exercise.

Originated in the early 1900’s, Joseph Hubertus Pilates developed the exercise as he became intrigued by the idea of a balanced body, mind, and spirit. Pilates classes at Barre Forte amplify this idea of balance, using controlled movements to work the muscles and sculpt your body.

What is Pilates?

Similar to yoga, a typical Pilates class takes you through a flow of poses and stances designed to engage the whole body, build lean muscle, and make you sweat through a series of controlled movements.

Pilates places a deep emphasis on form to ensure optimal body-shaping results and to prevent stress on the body. The practice is known for being a very low-impact workout that can still get you those rock hard six pack abs.

Pilates has also attracted dancers due to the fluidity of movements that help with coordination and awareness of the body. Yet you don’t need to be a graceful ballerina to reap the benefits.

Here are just a handful of reasons to try Pilates (in case you need convincing!)

Physical Benefits:  

  • Improved flexibility
  • Postural alignment
  • Increased muscle strength and toning
  • Tightened and stabilized core
  • Increased awareness of the body
  • Better balance
  • Safe rehabilitation of joint and back injuries

Mental Benefits:

  • Improved concentration
  • Stress management and relaxation
  • Sharpened brain cognition
  • Increased positivity and happiness

Why it Works

Fortunately, there is a reason why Pilates has swept over the country and made its way into countless fitness studios like Barre Forte…. It actually works.

Take it from Barre Forte’s own instructor Sylvia Fletcher who has been a fitness guru and Pilates instructor for over 17 years. For Sylvia, Pilates isn’t just a pastime- it’s a lifestyle.

Sylvia is a certified personal trainer and has been a fitness instructor for over 17 years. She began her fitness journey early on with bodybuilding and running as she struggled with her weight at a young age. After experiencing some pain from her typical training routine, she began looking for a new way to get results.

As soon as Sylvia took her her first Pilates class, she was hooked and soon after became a Pilates instructor. She now solely focuses on Pilates and other low-impact Barre style workout classes.

After switching to Pilates, Sylvia notes she is more limber and is as strong, if not stronger, than she was when she was bodybuilding. She finds she has more energy, less pain, and is committed to the overall lifestyle change that Pilates ignited.

“Pilates gets you emotionally, spiritually, and physically in tune with your body,” Sylvia expresses. “There is meaning behind every movement and every transition as you build the core, the powerhouse. It is more than just exercise, it empowers you in your daily life.”

Building Strength

The effectiveness of both Pilates and Barre-Lates, a fusion class of Pilates, barre, ballet, yoga and traditional cardio, can be seen and felt in everyday life.

Jackie Kenyon has been a regular client at Sylvia’s Pilates classes in Gainesville and has experienced many positive changes to her body since starting Barre Forte classes in early May.

“You notice that your core is engaged all the time. Whether I’m grabbing a grocery cart or turning off my alarm clock, I can feel my core engage. I not only feel stronger, but I see all of those changes you want to see in your body. If you put the work in, it’ll happen.” - Jackie Kenyon

Kenyon also explains that the sense of community and encouraging energy helps her push harder and achieve results.

“if I was working at home, I would only do about five [pushups]. But at Barre Forte, we have a great team that pushes you to do a little more. It helps you to go 1% farther and that one percent is what creates change.”

Try for yourself and join the empowering, encouraging community of Barre Forte.  Pilates classes are Tuesdays and Thursdays at 7am, and Sunday at 11am, in addition to Barre-Lates 11:15am on Wednesdays.