Staff Standout: Deanna

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This month, we are shining the spotlight on our BarreTender, Deanna! She has taken over 500 classes at AUXO Fitness since starting with us in August 2015, and has taught over 185 classes (serving over 1665 clients!). We are excited for you to learn more about Deanna below!

One woman who inspires me is: It may sound like a cop out, but I find inspiration in every single woman that I meet! Each one of us is doing the best we can. We all excel at different things and seeing those strengths in other women pushes me to continue to strive to do my best.  If I have to pick a single person though, I'd have to go with my mom (especially during this month of Mother's Day)!  She raised four kids and truly led by example.  I find that I lean on my mom and sister so much more now that I'm also a mom.  I learn so much from my mom about how to be a strong and supportive woman!
My weirdest phobia is: Dark water!  I love going to the springs, but I kind of freak out when I can't see what's in the water below me!  I'll be that person scrambling to get up on top of the tube if the grass/seaweed touch my feet or legs.  I probably watched Jaws and Tremors too much as a kid!
My favorite song to work out to is: Oh, man, there are too many to choose!  I really love, “Sugar”, by Maroon 5.  As soon as that song comes on, I'm pumped and ready to go!
One thing I can't stop buying at AUXO is: The sticky socks!  I go through sticky socks like crazy (It's probably because I always forget, and they end up in the dryer…Oops!)  I really like the sayings on the bottom of them., it gives me just that extra little push of motivation when I can see that while I'm working out.
A place I would love to visit is: Rome!  I did a study abroad there a loooooong time ago and loved it!  I'd really like a chance to go back to see how it's changed and, of course, to experience it with my family.  It's just so different than anywhere here in the US.  It has such a rich history, and the architecture and artifacts are unparalleled!
My favorite Barre move is: the bridge!  I swear, I can really feel my glutes working when I'm in a bridge.  I don't care what kind - high bridge, low bridge, feet in first position, walking feet out, squeezing one side at a time..... I can't get enough! 
If I could have one superpower, it would be: healing others - physically and emotionally.  I have such a hard time seeing people hurt and wish I could take that pain away.  I especially hate seeing my kids hurt, so if my kisses on their boo-boos actually cured their ailments, I'd feel so much better!
When I need to de-stress, I: Go to AUXO, of course!  Seriously, though, my husband Carl practically kicks me out of the house to go to AUXO if I'm getting stressed and cranky.  People often say how great he is to facilitate with the kids while I work out, but he benefits from it, too! Endorphins are real!  I'm so much more relaxed and less stressed when I come home.  I'm energized and have cleared my mind!
My favorite aspect of AUXO is: The community!  Every. single. time. I walk in the door to AUXO, I see friendly faces that are welcoming me.  That has happened since day one.  As soon as I walk in the door, I know I'm with my tribe and that we'll sweat it out together.  I never thought I'd say this, but I look forward to working out so I can see my friends and get that uplifting boost I so desperately need!