Staff Standout: Tanja

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This month, we are shining the spotlight on our BodyFlow Instructor, Tanja! It is with a heavy heart that we learn she will be leaving us in July, so we wanted to take the opportunity to celebrate her and all her hard work here at AUXO Fitness. Tanja has positively impacted the lives of the participants in her classes and beyond! And we have loved having her as a client, too. The hard work she puts into preparing for subbing, Mommy and Me BodyFlow, Release Launches, and First Mag classes has not gone unnoticed, and we will miss her! Take a moment to learn a little bit more about Tanja below!

One woman who inspires me is: It is so hard to pick one!  I was very blessed when I was a young professional to have two amazing and supportive mentors who helped to develop me into the professional I am today.  One was Paulette Dobson, who I worked with in my first position at Children's Home Society.  She was incredibly intelligent and wise and always had a smile and a kind word to share even on the hardest days.  After one particularly difficult visit we had with a family, she told me to never underestimate the positive impact that we're having on the children and families we served, even if we couldn't see that impact in the moment.  I think back to those words on a daily basis in the work that I do now, and continue to share that advice with other colleagues as well.  The other is Marilyn Reeb, who worked in the Girl Scouts of Gateway Council Gainesville Office.  Marilyn was just such a joy to be around and was an amazing example of how we can continue to redefine ourselves, grow, and learn throughout our lives.  And then, of course, there's my mom, who has always been an amazing source of love, guidance, and support for me, my brother, and my children.
My weirdest phobia is:  Bridges.  I am TERRIFIED of driving over bridges, particularly ones with a steep slope or the steel type bridges with cages over them.  The Skyway Bridge in Sarasota and the Hart Bridge in Jacksonville are the stuff of my nightmares!  This has gotten somehow exponentially worse since Akko was born and I have no idea why.  It's ironic, because my dad designed bridges for his career and LOVES them.  I'm sure it won't be a problem at all now that I am moving to the land of 10,000 lakes and the headwaters of the Mississippi River...
My favorite song to work out to is:  That's a tough one!  There are so many amazing BodyFlow tracks that I just love.  I think that one I often go back to and never get tired of is Not Easy (Balance Track) from Release 78, which is the release Jen and I trained on.  I just love that song and the choreography with it is so beautiful.
One thing I can't stop buying at AUXO is:  Tanks.  I'm always browsing through the tanks to see what's new, chuckling at the cheeky puns or smiling at the inspiring messages.  I think my favorite tank is the Elf one I bought at Christmas, 'Tucking is my favorite.' Can't wait for Christmas season to bring it out again or maybe Christmas in July?!
A place I would love to visit is: Finland.  My dad is Dutch and most of my family lives in The Netherlands, so I have been blessed with the opportunity to travel to many countries in western and northern Europe.  One of my favorites is Norway (other that NL of course!).  But I have always been fascinated by Finland.  It looks like such an incredibly beautiful country with a unique, and perhaps a bit mysterious, culture.  It is definitely high on my bucket list of places to see!
What I will miss most about AUXO is: I am going to miss the community.  AUXO has been such a wonderful place of growth and empowerment for me.  I have been challenged to try new things, things I never would have even considered possible for myself, like becoming a BodyFlow instructor!  The most important element of the AUXO community that allowed me to take these challenges is just how supportive everyone is, staff and clients alike.  We all come in and are encouraged to be who and where we are that day and to be present in the moment to nourish and strengthen our whole selves.  You can always feel that everyone there is cheering each other on and looking for ways to empower each other and to feel empowered themselves.  I never particularly liked group fitness environments before because I usually felt judged, insecure, not quite up to par.  There has never been one time that I have felt that way at AUXO.  I so appreciate all the encouragement and support I have received from all of the wonderful women I have met at AUXO!  I am going to miss you all, and in particular, Brinn, Katie, Lauren, and Jen, who have all taught me so much and provided  pep talks, encouragement, laughter, and hugs along the way.  You will all always hold a special place in my heart.